Davaasuren Byambachuluun


Associate Partner

Davaasuren works as The GGI's Mongolian Partner and promotes the World Class Mongolia programme across the country and Asia. Davaa is also the Founder & CEO at Gurun Educational Academy LLC. Working alongside institutions such as Stanford University, the Gurun Educational Academy provides education for the future leaders of Mongolia in a number of areas such as science, international relations, business and humanitarian sectors. 

Davaa's background in the education sector has now successfully led to partnerships with The GGI, Harvard University, Stanford Pre-Colliegate and Eton College. 

As GGI's Associate Partner, Dava has a strong track record of delivering strong expertise from framework design to implementation, across multiple jurisdictions in both the public and private sectors. 


World Class Mongolia Team:

E-mail: jamka.s@worldclassmongolia.mn