DR Emad fodah Management, Human Capital & HRM Ph.D in manage


GGI's Associate Partner

Dr Emad is a Lead trainer and consultant in Change Management with overall 32 years experience in management including 20 years in the areas of Human Capital, Strategy/ Policy Planning, HRM/ HRD, extensive experience in Human Capital, Strategy Planning, and Proven track record in Rewards Design & Evaluation System.Expertise in analyzing existing system, and Organizational Development. Building HR Systems and procedures, and designing internal control systems.Facilitating effective decision-making, and establishing new companies.

Dr. Emad Fodah has been involved in training, coaching and consulting for more than 20 years with the intention of dramatically increasing profit, productivity, and the performance of people. Emad is also an approved iLm trainer.

Emad is a trained leader working in the field of Accelerated Human Change, helping people achieves their dreams. He is a master trainer – Coaching & Delivery, Business plan writing & Strategic Report Writing for top management &Power Packed Presentation Skills and Applying Emotional Excellence at Workplace.

Through the experience from this branch of human psychology studies, Emad understands better the emotional connections for communication for work, business and even personal lives. The effects are just marvelous with better working relationships at workplace, more confident managers when speaking to an audience, developing leaders through understanding the internal motivations of people.

Emad is a trained leader working in the field of Accelerated Human Change. He uses Accelerated Learning and experiential learning in all the trainings and speaking engagements for guaranteed, rapid and effective results required by today’s top corporations and management.

Today, he trains a wide range of management and communication programs owing to him wide exposure to various industries. Emad is passionate in inspiring lives and transforming people. Because of the dedication, he is well known for his highly-charged, energetic and power-packed training sessions.

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