Erin bouwen


GGI Associate Partner

Based out of The Netherlands, Erin is a Strategy and Employee Engagement Specialist who works with organisations from SME to large scale combining her Social Therapist and B2B experience.   

She holds a degree in Social Studies and specialises in social group behaviour. She also holds a degree in Marketing and Business Strategy. After working as a therapist in The Netherlands, Erin was asked to join one of the biggest employment agencies in the country.   

In 2000 she started her own agency, Bouwen2Business, using her experience in Marketing, Strategy and Organizational development. Her strategic and logical thinking combined with hands-on mentality and wide social skills make Erin the core heart beat of her agency.

Erin is a member and senator of JCI (Junior Chamber International). She served JCI as the campaign leader and Personal Assistant of 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems.